15 April 2014

Chapter 35: Penny for a Princess

Dear reader

Ah, there you are :) Don't worry, this won't take long. You'll still have enough time to go back to heaven, you beautiful thing, you.

Validation. Many of us live in a world of validation. A world where other people's opinions and beliefs shape who we are. I am not just talking about women, but men too, who live in the reality of others and not in their own. The penniless prince, or princess.

This mentality is "fitting in" to societies' expectations. What do my parents think of me? What do my friends think of me? What does the man sitting on the bus think of me? We have this identity (the ego) that is constantly being attacked by people. Their compliments empower us, their criticism shoot us down. Where are you from? What do you do for a living? Where do you live? If you tell them what they want to hear, we feel accepted, perhaps relieved, or more powerful than before. Sometimes we lie to them in the fear of being seen in a negative light.

The problem with this mentality is that we do not know who we are. We cannot define ourselves. We are living in someone else's reality. Society has been engineered to propose a lifestyle that is the "ultimate“. The so called, fame, money and glory. For men it is go to school, do well, get a good job, get lots of money and then, only then, will you be validated. For women it is the same, but most of all, be slim, beautiful, appreciated by everyone, and do not express your sexual desires. While doing these things are apparently for your "benefit", and logically they make sense, they should not be pursued for the ultimate goal of being "complete". Being complimented by a beautiful person in the street may make you feel validated today, but it won't tomorrow. The biggest compliment you can receive is from yourself. It is self love. Not narcissism or cockiness, but an appreciation of your worth. Not the opinion of other people, but a personal validation that you are now, and always will be, enough.

8 April 2014

Chapter 34: Nutrition

Dear reader,

We are living in a beautiful time. With so much knowledge available in the digital age, we can learn how we want, and whenever we want. Every book you could possibly want to read, available to purchase in a simple, organized way. If there is one time in the human existence where it is good to be alive, it is right now.

Your body is the only thing that you truly own. It is the greatest object, for it is the vehicle in which you must live your life. Arguably if there is anything that you should invest money in, it should be health. If you are not looking after yourself, then why invest in shares, house property etc? Health is the major cause for happiness and fulfilment.

One of the greatest books I have invested in is "The Ultramind Solution" by Dr Mark Hyman. I strongly encourage you to buy this book if you want further information.

The problems with modern medicine is that it is cures many illnesses, but fails to tackle the underlying causes. A great example of this was illustrated in an advertisement which had a family who was angry at their father for eating sausages and chips. The father replied that he was fine, because he had taken his acid blocking pill. Modern medicine for me, is about wealth, and not health. Instead of encouraging people to change their nutritional lifestyle, they provide the medicine to when things go wrong in their bodies. Pills and antibiotics would be redundant if everyone understood how to avoid those illnesses in the first place. Please understand that the major corporations producing toxic foods have no interests in people's health but rather, what money they have in their pockets.

These toxic foods are adored in the Western World. The reason being is that we live in a society of 9-5 jobs, heavy stress and commitment. People come home looking for instant gratification, pleasure, so to speak, to award their hard work. They crave something "tasty" and "simple" to avoid as much work as possible. Most of the time, what we consider tasty and simple is what is harming us. Fortunately, while food can be our greatest poison, it is also our greatest medicine.

4 April 2014

Chapter 33: Elephants Never Forget

Dear reader,

Let me touch your head for a moment. Wait...hold still, very good...wow--now, that's a good brain you have in there :). Welcome back! Today's post is on the mind and the power of memory. This is a subject that I have been engaging with recently. I hope that you go away with some new techniques or at least some positive affirmations that you can use in your everyday life.

The mind is the beacon of the body, the pinnacle of all human accomplishment. As many have remarked, it is the only thing that distinguishes us from our fellow primates. The powers of the mind remain one of the great mysteries. An endless void of magic that science may never completely understand. Perhaps the most beautiful examples are the people who demonstrate the potential of the human brain. People such as Daniel Tammet, a man who has high functioning autism and savant syndrome. In his story, the combined negative effects of these syndromes produced a powerful positive. I strongly recommend you watch him.

Despite the obvious beauty and power of the mind, it is important not to regard it as the entirety of the self. We live in a society that is a prison for the mind. A society that praises "knowledge" and order, but stunts creativity and revolution. It is a society that has bred the critical and creative faculties out of its people. Why? Those running the establishments are the major corporations who gain more profit from people following orders and obeying them, than people who question authority and actively pursue a unique and exciting lifestyle, independent from the state and public opinion. Smile :) it's all good.

12 March 2014

Chapter 32: Relationships

Dear reader,

Today I am your love doctor, apparently. Give me a hug, how are you doing? I will delve into one of the more complex topics of everyday life. While there are many forms of relationship, the one that I will be focusing on is the romantic sort, between two people, namely, attraction, romance or love.

To me, relationships have always been mirrors. Your partner essentially shows you the flaws in yourself. In most cases (unless they are the type who complains about everything), they will, over time, start to question your flaws and inadvertently try to change you. For the better. I have found that "nagging",”complaining“ or "winging" are lessons in themselves, which unfortunately, are told in a childish way. Approaching three years in my current relationship, I feel proud to say that I have been taught a lot of things about myself. Things that I wouldn't have known had I not been in a relationship. The result is naturally a positive one. I have become a better person not just for myself but for other people as well. The idea of the mirror is a beautiful metaphor because on a deeper level, your partners happiness represents your own. What you change about yourself will change your partner, and vise versa. 

This is why it is important to respect each other's lives as individuals. Society has a painful habit of labelling relationships as "ownership"; that somehow being boyfriend and girlfriend prohibits you from doing x and y because your partner tells you not to.

4 February 2014

Chapter 31: Wealth

Dear reader

I hope you're well, rested, and are having a great week. Today I'm going to preach :), so let's take you to Church.

"It could be you."
This is one of the slogans for Britain's National Lottery and alludes to the possibility of you, a ticket holder becoming a millionaire. Hats off to this brilliant line of marketing. Like my previous blog post mentioned, language can be very persuasive. It took our uniqueness and individuality and used it to convince us that we have a unique chance of winning the money.

Hundreds of millions are buying lottery tickets for the pursuance of wealth. This word, for many people is the apparent solution to life's problems. I, myself, fall prey to it, as a student, and someone about to enter the working world. Like most people, the idea of having lots of money is an appealing one. Though like other external concepts, it is inherently wrong.

Like all truths this one resonates in all of us. Money is not the key to happiness, and it never will be. The real definition of money is control. Control over people, control over people's minds and ultimately control over people's souls.  Money control through social conditioning, sets those without money aside, as social outcasts. I am talking about beggars on the streets asking for a few coins of change. It is terrifying to see how powerful this conditioning is: to see people ignore others deliberately; telling themselves that the beggar is simply not there. People are afraid of being associated with people who are without, that it makes you wonder what kind of world we are living in.

2 February 2014

Chapter 30: Words are Magic

Dear reader

Ever since I was a wee lad, fantasy fiction has been my passion. From the works of Tolkien to CS Lewis, to George RR Martin and even JK Rowling, I have always felt alive when reading. Today I wanted to share the magic of language with you. Aww, I am so romantic :). Come here, you.

Everything we set eyes on is bathed in language. From the moment you leave your door to the moment you close your eyes, you are bombarded with slogans, words in text, audio, street signs, sexy blogs, and conversations. While this seems obvious it's also quite concerning to think that it's unavoidable; that these words enter our brain like uninvited guests.

Haha, now, while we can't go around with headphones on, or blindfold ourselves, we also have to be mindful of the influence of this kind of magic. The magic of words. For on some deeper level they are more than you can possibly imagine.

It is amusing to know we learnt "spelling" back in school which sounds a lot like learning how to cast spells. Words in my opinion, are spells. I recall my sixth grade teacher telling us how words had so much power behind them. I think I finally realize what he meant. Despite the old rhyme "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me", words in many ways are more powerful then sticks and stones, and they do hurt us.

28 December 2013

Chapter 29: Insecurities

Dear reader

You are a stunning. You are in the top 1% of the population considered gorgeous, sexy and divine. How does it feel to know that every time you smile, the world smiles with you? ^__^

Now, tell me you agree. Oh no! My dear friend, why not? If you happen to be shaking your head, please take a seat. By the end of this post I intend to give you some power. A power that is greater than any drug known to man.

Life is an audience. It is watching you on stage spinning various plates. You have to keep the plates spinning otherwise they fall. These plates are status, good looks, being fashionable, being funny, being taller, being skinny, being prettier, being social. There are many things that life demands from us. What I will show you is that all of these plates can spin by themselves. Drag life onto the stage, and have it perform for YOU.