22 June 2014

Chapter 46: The Parrot

Dear reader,

If I was a parrot, you'd be my favourite cracker. Oh, snap. :) Come here, you.

I once knew a man who could speak for days. He was the sort of person who loved my company as I listen quite well. There is an old saying which is that the best friends are the best listeners. For me the best speakers make the best friends. I love a deep conversation and most of all I love listening to people who speak with passion. If their eyes light up, I am all ears.

It is not what you say, but how you say it. Those who speak well, speak with conviction. They genuinely believe what they say, they mean it, and their heart is in it. They have an emotional connection with what they recall. People follow emotions faster than they follow words. Comedians are great examples of this. It is not so much the punch line itself, but the way it is delivered. Politicians avoid complex language when they want to win over an audience. Keep it simple, but most of all, keep it emotional. I can write you an essay on how I can improve the United States, but if Obama speaks a single word three times "Change", "Change" and "Change" again, my essay is redundant. Our attention spans have decreased rapidly since the rise of television. We no longer have the patience to read long drawls of text. Our ego's want the information now: they want the emotional thrill as soon as possible. So let us feel more and think less.

31 May 2014

Chapter 45: The Gardener

Dear reader

Wow. You look ravishing today; I want to plant you in a field :)

Recently I have been working on the garden at the back of my house. I usually start by mowing the lawn, raking the grass, trimming the beds and then pulling out the weeds. When we first arrived to the house the previous tenants had let it go wild. The grass was knee high, the weeds were a semi-jungle, the trees overgrown. Bit by bit we restored it to its former glory, and call this strange, but seeing the results made me satisfied This as usual, had me thinking.

I believe that the outer world represents the inner world. If you visited a house and its garden was blooming, its lawns mowed, and its grass green and lively, you would assume that the house owners were living well; that their life was together. Just as when you are stressed out, or you have exams, or a busy schedule, your house will get messy very quickly. The magic happens when you can maintain clean and ordered surroundings while living in a situation of chaos. If you can be the rock in the stream, you can manage difficulties a lot easier and prevent them from becoming worse.

Being a virgo apparently helps with being tidy. I have always operated better when my surroundings are clean: it gives me clarity of thought and peace of mind. Instead of avoiding the tasks that needed to be done, I embrace them. Work, as I have previously blogged, is a teacher. A teacher whose best interests is you. The sweat that you pour in the garden is the water that brings forth fruit and flowers. The gardener is a great analogy not just for our working lives, but for the journey of life itself.

28 May 2014

Chapter 44: The Hermit

Dear reader

Do you believe in mermaids? :) Not to worry. I'll put a fish tail on both of us ;)

Who knows if mermaids exist? I would love to believe it. It is important to remember that just as the world above the water is infinitely expansive with its skyscrapers, boulevards, aeroplanes and space stations, so too is the world beneath the water. The inner world is just as infinite as the outer one.

You might know someone in your life who you call "deeeeeep". Quite often, but not always, they are walking alone. You see them in the parks sitting under a tree reading a book. You see them at school with their heads elsewhere. These are the people who yawn when you talk gossip, and want to kiss you when you talk about philosophy, spirituality and personal development.

I guess I would call myself a hermit. A hippy, an introvert, a donkey. Whatever you want to call me :). The point is not in the label but in the feeling. Being alone helps us to escape reality. The question is why would we want to escape?

The world is dragging us around,  shouting down our ears, and posting advertisements through our door. Generally it is a very noisy place that demands all of our energy and senses for us to survive it. Culture demands that we change ourselves and act in a certain way to fit in. Hermits just want to breath. "Relaaaaax maaaaaan". Sometimes we need a break, and the hermit adores silence.

24 May 2014

Chapter 43: Letting Go

Dear reader

You're the disco ball of this blog :). Keep on shining.

Letting go. Believe me, we have all been there. Walking into a club with those feelings of anxiety, worried about how you look, feeling those workplace vibes: "keep your head down". Do you notice that most people go straight to the bar when they enter a venue? The first thing people want to do is let go with alcohol, because alcohol was "designed" for that reason. The way I feel when I drink alcohol is a numbness. My senses go hazy, and I cannot appreciate the moment. What I realized is that all of us have a natural ability to raise our state and vibes. Drink alcohol if it helps you, but also see the alternative. A way to let go, with anyone, any time, anywhere. This is how to let go.

If we call this desired feeling "state", the first thing to realize is that getting there doesn't happen when you get to the venue. It happens way before that, hours before. Ideally we should be in state all the time. This is why alcohol is not only cheating the feeling, but it wastes your money and doesn't give you the value that you're looking for. Instead, we should learn to develop an eco-system of positive emotions. We need to be the vessel for our own happiness. Not outside, not from anyone else, but from within ourselves. We need to generate our own fun.